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Please read through our Terms of Service carefully to know what to expect when booking with Meet iCandy Entertainment. It is important to understand what we do and what we do not do in order to have a successful relationship with our company and services. Thank you!

Terms Of Service

  • In order to book our services you must be 18 years or older.

  • No one under the age of 18 years old is allowed to be present on the property during your service at any time

  • This is an individual service meaning 1 iCandy for 1 client. If you are interested in more than one person present with you or interested in more than one iCandy during your service, please see our Party Packages or Contact Us.

  • We are a voyeurism service ONLY. We do not provide sexual or massage or stripping services of any kind. 

  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to touch an iCandy.

  • Please follow your local laws in regards to the consumption and use of drugs and alcohol. Failure to do so will terminate your service immediately without a refund. 

  • The person that booked must be present. You can, however, pay for a gift card and send it to someone who can use the code in checkout when booking their service. 

  • Our iCandies perform full services. For maid services we only offer standard cleans. We do not offer deep cleans, move in/out, or appliance cleaning. We also do not offer licensed contractor work, meaning our iCandies are not licensed in any specific trade.You can request more or special services when booking, please specify in notes. 

  • Every iCandy is hired based on their years of experience, skill set, and credentials. We do not hire people who are inexperienced to guarantee our high level of quality service. 

  • All pets must be locked away from the iCandy at all times during your service. 

  • Our services only take place at private residences, dorm rooms, or event spaces. We do not service clients at hotel or motel locations. If you have an extended stay in a location at a hotel or Aibnb, please contact us so we can verify.

  • If you would like to extend your service, please email us prior to the scheduled date. If you would like to extend your time during service, your iCandy will call management to arrange this with us and we will then charge your card accordingly.  

  • All payments are made via our online booking through our website. For special parties and events, we will quote you before charging.

  • iCandies DO NOT accept any form of payment in person or during service. You can, however, give them an in person cash tip which is 100% their's to keep. 

  • We DO NOT accept cash or checks, only credit or debit cards via our online booking system. 

  • If our iCandies feel uncomfortable in ANY way, they have the right to terminate your service immediately and leave the property. You will not be issued a refund. We expect that you treat our iCandies courteously and with respect

  • No photography, videography, or recording of any kind is allowed during your time of service unless your iCandy agrees to your request. If the client violates this policy, their service will be terminated immediately. 

  • You may only make a changes to your booking up to 24 hours in advance by emailing us and we encourage you to choose this route rather than during your time of service. 

  • Cancellation outside of 24 hours of your booked service will result in a FULL refund. 

  • Cancellation within 24 hours of your booked service will result in a refund of 50% of the entire amount.

  • No refund, adjustments, and/or discounts will be given after services have been accepted and rendered. Rendered services are where ANY iCandy has preformed their services as agreed or revealed any part of his/her body.

  • Termination of service by your iCandy will result in no refunds.

  • All of your personal details are strictly kept confidential and WILL NOT be disclosed to 3rd parties. Your privacy is very important to us. We do not harvest, sell, trade, or give away any personal information in any way. 

  • We pride ourselves in the utmost descretion for both our customers and iCandies. Our iCandies will arrive and leave in normal street wear for your discretion.

  • For your privacy and discretion, MiEnt. will appear on your credit card or bank statement for any charges that you authorize for our services. This applies to all major credit cards (and debit cards) that are accepted by Meet iCandy Entertainment, LLC, including but not limited to American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

  • Customers must provide a photo ID in person at the time of service to ensure our iCandies' safety. 

  • We do not take any responsibility for our iCandies and customers actions and/or behaviors, including but not limited to any accidents or damage/harm to property or anyone/anything in the property. This includes any damages, theft and any other issues that may occur during the booking.

  • We may ask you for feedback on our service and iCandy, but this will be agreed after services rendered and will have the option to be completely anonymous. 

  • Please note that Meet iCandy Entertainment hold all rights to this business, registered in Michigan in the United States of America, business name, business logo and type of business. No other person and third-party organization have any rights to copy any part of it.

  • We are a mobile adult entertainment company.

  • Due to the new COVID-19 regulations, all iCandies are required to wear face masks and gloves while in your home. They will be taking regular fever checks before your scheduled service. 

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